Our meetings focus upon the God of the Bible.  We take time to share stories about God and interact with each other.

We meet every Sunday. In our meetings we focus on the elements we share as christians, and help us to connect. We have meetings with singing, contemplations, Scripture readings, and prayer. We believe that everybody can bring something which enriches the other. Therefore we have room for personal contributions in our meetings. We love to hear your story with God, how you celebrate being a Christian, and how we can help you to feel at home.

Our languages are Dutch and English. In our group people speak other languages: German, French, Malay...

You are welcome every Sunday

09.30 AM breakfast
10.30 AM morning service

For breakfast we share what we all bring. If you bring enough for yourself, we will have enough for everybody. Because several people bring extra, do not hesitate to join, if you did not bring something yourselves.